Take a proactive approach to fleet maintenance

Whip Around fleet inspection and maintenance software provides yet another way to stay on top of fleet maintenance. keep your vehicles in check with data-rich insights about your vehicles
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Automatically generated work orders when a vehicle fault or regularly scheduled or maintenance is detected.
Eases preventative maintenance.

Drop calendars
heduling and QR codes

allow you to quickly scan work order progress, Zendu Maintenance makes running your fleet smoother than ever.
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Continuous analysis of major vehicle components to see data in real-time

Alerts on high probability failures for each vehicle, organized by critical, major and minor risks

Algorithms for Battery, Brakes, DEF and many more

Service grouping to maximize uptime Vehicle ranking to see how vehicles rank in your fleet

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Fleetio is the simple alternative to spreadsheets and outdated fleet software — designed to help you automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles and equipment running smoothly.
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