Geotab Drive (Android + IOS)

ELD Made Effortless

DVIR Reporting

This driver platform streamlines Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, DVIR, driver identification, messaging and more from one robust application.

Admin + Driver Edits

Fix a drivers log from dispatch view or have the driver edit it themselves in the drive app. Robust reporting.

HOS Violation Alerts

A robust interface and an e-mailed report that sends out an alert (in 30 minutes or less) every time a driver drives in violation of their Hours of Service limits.

HOS Reporting

HOS Reporting can be completely customized.Geotab offers a dispatch view, violation view, map view, and reports that arrive on time-- every time.

Compliance Made Easy

Make ELD compliance easy. Geotab ELD Compliance software for the U.S. and Canada simplifies Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), Driver Identification and Messaging.

Reduce the risk of HOS violations and errors

Keep accurate logs with reminders for drivers to Log in and Log out, real-time availability and alerts for when they are running low on hours of service (HOS).

Get Rid Of Paper DVIR Logs

ELD solutions provide a complete end-to-end inspection workflow for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), pre-trip and post-trip. Record defects, who identified the defect and who repaired it. Automatically notify a mechanic when a repair is needed. Additional features include customized defects list and report printing right from MyGeotab.

Management By Measurement.

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